Publishing Imprints

Publishing Imprints

KIZ-M Picture Books

  • Made by various picture book illustrators worldwide.
  • Comprises winners of Caldecott Medal & Honor Books, Bologna Ragazzi Award,and other children’s book awards by independent. reading institutions and government organizations in Korea.
  • Planned and Published on the basis of multiple themes and genres.
  • Packaged with distinctive workbooks to grow the reader’s thinking and creative sills.

Systematic Content
by Age & Level


Correlated to Korean National Curriculum


Winning Titles of the World’s Recognized Book Awards


Winning Titles of Korean Institutions’
Book Awards

Dreaming Crescent


KIZ-M has published award-winning children’s books to meet the level of the national reading curriculum as well as our vision to make this world better by nurturing children’s reading ability. Alongside our high-quality picture book publication for the pre-k and kindergarten market, we are also committed to serve wider audience such as low-primary level children. Our imprint Dreaming Crescent publishes fictions and non-fiction titles in series, which enhance the 7-9 year-old children’s social relationship and personal and emotional development in their setting. By reading our books, children at this stage can be equipped with all-time wisdom and life experiences that boost up their holistic growth.


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