We here at KIZ-M strongly supports to provide benefits to all employees.

Benefit Systems

  • 4 National Health Insurance (NHI): National Pension Service, Health Insurance, Korean Employment Insurance, Incident/Accident Insurance
  • Retiring Allowance provided
  • Paid Maternity Leave Policy, Legal Protection of Pregnant Workers (less working hours) provided

Company Benefit Systems

Family Events

Employees are granted if there are family related events.

Holiday Entitlement

vacation reward, condolence benefit, annual leave granted.

Overtime Work Compensation

For overtime workers, we provide ‘time add-up system’ where the added overtime hours can be used for extra vacation leave.

Department Support Provision

Offer free lunch events and leisure activity times every month within each department

Cultural Leisure Allowance

Provided every month for all the events as listed: movie theater, musical, opera, concert, book store, and more.

Delicious Lunch Time

Provide lunch fee to all employees once a month to freely choose any menu and enjoy the special lunch time for 2 hours.

A Long-term Employed Entitlement

Provide benefits to long term employees.

Company Events

To make a positive and healthy environment, company provides various events such as ‘First Snowfall, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Anniversaries.’

Pleasure Event

Give out Christmas Cake, Gift cards on holidays, deliver flowers on Father’s Day and more.

Share Separate Volume Books

Provide separate volume books every year as it gets published

Social Volunteer Activities

We participate in volunteer events within the society to build better world and life for all

Birthday Freebies

To celebrate our employee’s birthdays, we provide gift cards on ‘Happy Day.’