Overseas Business

Overseas Business

Young Children’s Program Business Launched English Crayon in Vietnam, Thailand
Overseas Franchise Business Young Children’s Contents Business
ElementaryㆍMiddle School Math Franchise Business
On-line Solution Business Math Solution Business
English Solution Business
E-Library Solution Business
Overseas Education Business Consulted ElementaryㆍMiddle School Curriculum
Educated Public School Teachers
Provided MathㆍScience Assessment System


2015. 7 Provided Young Children’s English Education Contents in Thailand
2015. 6. Participated in Vietnam’s Young Children’s Education Fair
2015. 3. Introduced and opened Young Children’s English Program in Vietnam
2014. 07. Agreement with Myanmar’s Educational Contents, LOI
2014. 06. Agreement with Myanmar’s Fortune Internationals Education Office, MOA
2014. 05. Provided Young Children’s English Contents to Saudi Arabia’s AlKhalee
2014. 03. Agreement with Edupark’s Math Solution

2013. 12. Agreement with Thailand’s Education Office and TDEC, MOA