Pre-school Programs

Pre-school Programs

Crazy On English

The Real English for Early Childhood Education
English Crayon

  • Easy and buzzy English picture books written by qualified writers from various continents ( North America and Europe ) attract all children to love English.
  • High quality multi-contents of English Crayon projected in NYC (Broadway) will easily absorb in every lives of children.
  • Interesting Play Tools combined with hands-on activities will help children speak out without hesitation.
  • Advanced learning technology “Play System” will give a greater opportunity to approach excellent educational contents of English Crayon with just one easy single touch.


  • Is a comprehensive pre-school reading program correlated to Korea’s national curriculum.
  • Evokes young children’s interest and grows through playing with picture books.
  • Provides various materials, workbooks, play tools, and extra-curricular activities by themes.
  • Develops young children’s creativeness and leads them to the path to become book-lovers.

Ma-eum C

  • Is a personal and emotional development program for young children.
  • Boosts a child’s personal, social, and cultural development by interacting with teachers and family.

Artience Kids, an integrated art & science program:

  • Is correlated to National Curriculum (Noo-ri)’s science and art parts.
  • Develops children’s flexible thinking by the art+science convergence approach.
  • Helps young learners to express diverse viewpoints and feelings through working on themes.
  • Nurtures a child to become a self-directed learner with insights through inquiry-based and learner-centered activities.

Dream Pot, a reading program growing young children’s love for reading:

  • Is correlated to the standard childcare curriculum and Noo-ri curriculum.
  • Comprises picture books by children’s development level and themes given by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health & Welfare.
  • Has a wide range of picture book collection considering young children’s language, cognitive, and social development.

KIZ-M Project

  • A project-based program optimized for children’s pro-active learning.
  • Guides children to learn new knowledge by doing hands-on activities and Observation-Experiment-Field trips.
  • Helps the learners to develop their own talents through open classes and show-and-tell sessions.
  • Provides various class materials that are fun to do with.

Early Leader of Education Partner
KIZ-M, the meca of Education

Provide excessive educational training program for all teachers to CEO who are related in the field of young children’s education faculty. We develop and advance value of education in our lives and society. It helps to freely communicate with associates in education as well as gain advices and information.

  • K-CEO · K-TLC ·Administrator Training: Provide leadership programs for teachers and educators.
  • EU Early Childhood Education Research Association: Premium development education training for CEO representatives of young children’s education.
  • Various Training Program : Development of professionals.
  • Membership Organization Training
  • Overseas Study Program: Well developed overseas training study program in the world’s acknowledged education market.
  • Parent Training Program
  • Book Concert: New cultural education content event held by KIZ-M’s picture story books.